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In high demand amongst IPhone fans the X model is a great value phone that provides all the bells and whistles any avid smart phone fan could hope for. Featuring a striking new ‘all screen’ design the IPhone X contains one of the smartest, most efficient A11 bionic chips ever in an IPhone delivering a smoother performance and improved battery life.

About the IPhone X

The IPhone X is not only an attractive device but it’s packed with cool new features and delivers on both beauty and brains. Just some of the impressive IPhone X specifications include:

  •  An Impressive 5.8 inch OLED screen with edge to edge display
  • The powerful front facing camera module contains an infrared camera, proximity scanner, speaker, ambient light sensor, flood illuminator
  • 7 Megapixel camera and a dot projector. This all adds up to an incredible camera capable of all sorts of cool tricks
  • With the latest face mapping technology the IPhone X can use facial ID for anything from unlocking the phone to making payments via Apple Pay or apps
  • The A11 bionic chip used in the IPhone X is one of the most powerful ever used in an IPhone and provides a more efficient, smoother performance making it seriously fast
  • The IPhone X supports fast wireless charging which can be done via a Qi compatible pad or dock and is even available in some cars

When you purchase a smart phone from us it will arrive in a secure, branded TECH4U2 box complete with a genuine, brand new USB lead.

Reason to buy Your refurbished phones from TECH4U2?

If you want to benefit from all the great high quality features of the phone without paying the high retail price tag then a refurbished handset from TECH4U2 is a great way to save money without skimping on quality!

Every device that is listed on our website has been meticulously tested and graded by our in house technicians to ensure everything is in full working order. These tests include things like:

IMEI Number - Checked against the lost or stolen database

Exterior condition - Screen, case, touch screen functionality, finger print ID, buttons

Ports - Charger, headphones, USB

Extras - Camera, speakers, Bluetooth and WIFI

Battery - Checked to make sure it holds charge and is in good working order

All of the phones we sell are high quality and fully functioning just like a new phone - but at a much cheaper price!

What if there's a problem with my TECH4U2 purchase?

We understand that some people may be apprehensive about buying a second hand or refurbished smart phone.

We want all of our customers to feel confident when making their TECH4U2 purchase which is why with each device sold we provide:

  • A 14 day full money back guarantee
  • 13 month warranty